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Starter jackets were a staple piece to any sports fanatic’s wardrobe back in the early 90s. I’m a fan of Starter jackets, but not just any ol’ Starter jacket– the satiny variety is where its at! These satin finished jackets are some of the most memorable pieces of apparel in sportswear history. From celebrities to regular Joes, any team fanatic had to get a hold of one.

Starter jackets were so in demand that they caused numerous robberies— yeah, even criminals just had to get their hands on these jackets. I mean, who didn’t wanna come through shining in a jacket adorned in their favorite team’s logos and classic team colors, cut and sewn to perfection. We definitely look to starter jackets for inspiration. The Raiders starter jacket is one of the simplest, yet most popular designs. Undoubtedly one of my favorite starter jackets of all time. Raiders starter jackets became highly popularized by hip-hop artists, similar to many other sports apparel trends that were yet to come.

The starter jacket designs ranged from NBA and NFL teams to NCAA teams. The crazy thing is that I find myself loving a jacket of a team I’m totally indifferent about, and that’s the magic of these things. You just can’t discriminate. It’s so unfortunate that they don’t make jackets quite like these anymore. There’s a limited number of them going around, alot of which are pre-worn and being resold. You’ll be surprised to find some unworn ‘deadstock’ starter jackets too.

From the team-colored knit trim and tackle twill team names, to the team and league patches, everything about the starter jacket is true beauty. Being such an enthusiast, it really hurt to see these iconic pieces of history cut up and turned into duffel bags. (That’s right, they cut starter jackets up into pieces and sew them back together in the shape of a duffel bag!) They’re called ‘Finisher Bags’, and anybody who appreciates the craft of starter jackets would be disgusted by them. This is an endangered specie we’re dealing with, and I’d hate to see designer bags be the death of starter jackets.

Cashletes will continue to put out jackets in honor of the good ol’ starter jackets and attempt to bring sportswear back to its roots. The classic jacket most consider a ‘fad’ will once again become a staple, with new teams, new designs, new cuts and material. If Starter wont supply the demand, we sure will.

Chicago Cubs starter jacket
Chicago Cubs Starter Jacket

Raiders Starter Jacket
Chuck D. wearing Raiders Starter Jacket

Atlanta Falcons Starter Jacket
Atlanta Falcons Starter Jacket

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