Cashus Clay Capsule Collection

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The February 24, 1964 issue of Sports Illustrated cover featured 22 year old Cassius Clay, currently known as Muhammad Ali, sitting on a heaping pile of cash. One million dollars to be exact. It was his pay cut going into his next big fight.

The headlines in the sports pages of the time were all talking about one thing– Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston…


Originally scheduled in November of 1964, the rescheduled fight took place on May 25, 1965 in front of a small crowd in Lewiston, Maine. That didn’t stop Clay from giving the audience a show.

Within a little over a minute of the first round, Cassius Clay knocks Sonny Liston off his feet. Barely able to stand, Liston decides to continue the fight. Clay throws a medley of unstoppable punches his way and the ref ends the fight, raising Clay’s hand in victory.


Another big win for Cassius Clay, resulting in one of the most iconic sports photos of all time. Clay went on to become known as the greatest boxer of all time, and is considered the most recognizable figure in the world today.

The Cashus Clay collection honors the big-money athlete that is Muhammad Ali.

Cashus Clay

Cashus Clay

Cashus Clay

Cashus Clay

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